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"Macaulay College keeps me calm and relaxed.  I really like working 1-to-1 with the staff.  We sell eggs and jam to our community.  Macaulay College has given me a lot of support and strength and has helped me through this last year, the staff and other students are like my second family."

— Aimee, Macaulay College student


"This is not just a service but a very special undertaking. I have seen the wonderful work for myself, and this has been a life changing experience for so many families.

It is incredible how much devotion the staff give to their clients, which they could not get in another setting, particularly locally."

— Rae Mackenzie, Councillor, Stornoway South

"Macaulay College has been vital for lots of people. When other services have not been able, Macaulay College has been able to provide support. I think people will often not realise how vital support from Macaulay College has been supporting the maintenance of people's mental health during a very difficult time. Not just that of the people attending, it’s also of their families, some of whom may have reached breaking point if it weren’t for Macaulay College."

— Paul,  Community Learning Disability Nurse


"It's life changing provision…. He’s experienced periods of ill health physically/mentally. Macaulay College consistently provides huge levels of support, ensuring the team delivers the best environment, providing security of routine, reassurance, encouraging him to participate to best of his ability. The positive attitude at Macaulay College helped us through very difficult times." 

— Parent of Macaulay College student

"Macaulay College offers a unique service that incorporates social skills, life skills, entrepreneurship, and allows service users to feel part of the community.


The positive, caring ethos allows service users to develop new transferrable skills and use these in a meaningful environment. Equality is evident where staff and service users are treated as a team- real inclusion at its best."

— Manager of Partner Organisation

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