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We have all sorts of arts and crafts projects on the go at Macaulay College, including: woodwork; metalwork, ceramics; drawing and painting; Christmas crafts, card making. We also make jams and chutneys with the fruit and veg we grow at the farm. We sell our makes in our honesty box, at local craft fairs and in some local shops.


At Macaulay College we grow a range of fruit and vegetables, as well as growing our own flowers and plants. We have two polytunnels where our fruit and vegetables really flourish. We compost as much waste as we can and use this to help our plants grow the following year.


There are lots of animals living at Macaulay College - currently we've got donkeys, an Eriskay pony, pigs, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits and a corn snake. Students are involved in all aspects caring for the animals, from feeding to mucking out. Or just spending quality time with them!


Students are involved in all aspects of building at the college. Guided by experiences staff members, they work on a range of projects including constructing our own barns, sheds, bird houses, chopping boards and planters. Students can also decide what they'd like to make and are supported with their projects from start to finish.


Our staff and students are involved in many community projects, from volunteering at Stramash Festival, to helping clean and maintain public spaces to regular beach clean ups.