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What's been happening at Macaulay College lately?
We have had a really busy year so far
.  We will do a proper update soon but wanted to let you know about just some of what we've been involved with in the last few months.

  • We did a very successful presentation to CNES Council Chambers in May.  We had a variety of speakers, a great opportunity to share the work we do and continue to build strong relationships with local partners.

  • We secured our first grants specifically for the Building Extension from the Crown Estates Fund.  Building Warrant is currently in for approval and we are working hard to fundraise for this vital development.

  • We have increased staffing and new students have started with us.

  • Through CNES, we were able to apply to the UK Government Shared Prosperity Fund to directly support student travel and our polycrub project; the erection a 12m accessible polycrub which will see our fruit production doubling and an extended growing season.

  • We are currently taking part in a Social Impact Pilot Project through Highlands and Islands Enterprise this will help us evidence the work we do.

  • On the 29th of July, three amazing local women did a Sky Dive to raise funds for the Pulmonary Hypertension Association and Macaulay College!  We are in awe of them.

  • On the 14th of July we had a visit from The Proclaimers and friends!  This was a lovely event where the students got to show Charlie and Craig around and have tea and cake with them.  Macaulay College also got a shout out at Heb Celt Festival from them.

  • We have been shortlisted alongside other organisations who do amazing work for the Social Enterprise Scotland Award for Health & Social Care, winners to be announced in October at the Scottish Parliament.                                                           




Macaulay College is a Community Interest Company, based on the family owned farm on the Isle of Lewis, previously the Macaulay Experimental Peat Farm.


It was founded by artists and educators Roland Engebretsen and Rebecca Lindsay in 2010. 


Macaulay College provides people with additional social and educational requirements with a programme of activities that encourages them to have meaningful and fulfilling working and social lives whilst achieving their full potential and reaching person specific targets.

"Working with animals, meeting friends, having fun, learning new things at the same time. Makes me stronger, gave me muscles, stopped me being scared of animals, taught me new things, art, cooking baking, shopping, woodwork."

— Macaulay College Student

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