Macaulay College is a members based organisation, focussing on members needs in relation to both the programme and production facilities. These wide ranging members will meet quarterly to have the opportunity to feedback and input into the development of the organisation.

Macaulay College has used this organisational model so that all service users retain a sense of ownership, belonging and responsibility to the organisation, subsequently acting as ambassadors on its behalf, to promote understanding and knowledge of the educational and artistic programmes.

An application for membership must be completed and granted before commencing the education programme or use of the production facilities. This process is essential to properly gauge the needs, both socially and educationally, of new members, to allow staff to create individual work plans for education members and arrange proper building and machinery inductions. This membership will be renewed yearly, allowing for full monitoring and evaluation of every member to be undertaken.

Macaulay College membership falls under two main categories: Education and Therapeutic. A further two memberships: Artist and Associate are under construction.


As the primary membership of the organisation, the education strand will be applicable to 16+ adults with any additional social or educational requirements. All members will have an individual goal orientated programme, designed for their specific needs. The director will build these in consultation with both the member and referral agency to ensure the best possible course of action is undertaken. These will be reviewed throughout the year with the annual reviewal or membership being an opportunity for a full evaluation. Education members will use the college as their main educational service, working to achieve goals in an appropriate peer group.


The therapeutic membership will concentrate on children in the community in need of extra support socially. This service may also be accessed by any other children in the community, by means of an application for membership. Alongside this, those referred from Occupational Therapy will fall into this membership category. Therapeutic members will use the college on a part time basis as a means of therapy: learning a new skill or a chance for social interaction in an appropriate peer group, and not as a full time educational service.

Please email or post a completed application form, available from the links below:

PDF format (for printing and posting)

Word format (for completing on computer and emailing)

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